My Vision Nutrition will deliver up to 20 miles from our retail location to either office or home address. If apartment please specify unit number or any gate codes associated with the address

Delivery is scheduled twice per week on Sunday and Wednesday. The price per delivery is $12.50 making it a total of $25 added to your meal prep package. You can decide to choose only one delivery or stick with both days, all depending on your delivery preference.

Delivery deadline is 11:59PM every Friday you can select the address that where you would like your delivery and submit the order for processing

We deliver up to 20 miles from any of our retail locations, check with our customer service team to make sure your zip code is eligible in our delivery radius

How can I choose my meals?

Log into your meal prep profile. Open your account tab, and navigate into your open orders. Open your current order and select "Choose My Meals" (This will be updated every Sunday at midnight) Select the meals you would like for your upcoming delivery or pick up.

Selecting your meals as a new customer is super easy! When you select your new program our system will transfer you to the weekly menu selections. You have 6 lunch and dinner and 2 breakfast options to choose from for your package.

Meal Prep Programs

My Vision Nutrition meal prep programs are all based on your convenience. We have programs that start from one meal pre day, and can customize them up to four meals a day. The programs vary from 5/6/7 days a week, build your program according to how many meals are best for you and the amount of days you would like our support. We look froward to serving you!

My Vision Nutrition does not offer customized macronutrients on your meal program, however we offer multiple modifications that include- Low Carb, Mega Meals, High Protein, among other modifications

Starting or canceling any meal prep program from My Vision Nutrition does not require any start up or cancelation fees. Activate, Cancel, Pause your programs at any time!

Setting up a meal plan will only guarantee you receive the meals you selected, if you would like to set up a more specific nutrition program you receive a complementary nutrition consultation with a nutrition professional when you register an account.

Unfortunately the only way to adjust your program quantity is by modifying your currently active meal program, this will terminate the program you currently have so be ready to start the selection process from step one

Yes, there is an order deadline that is scheduled every Friday at 11:59PM you have until midnight on Friday to submit, adjust, or reselect your meal preferences

Customer Support

In case of any inconvenience with your program you may call customer service directly at 303-455-1021 or E-mail Customersupport@MVNMealprep.com

To make adjustments to your program you have until 11:59PM Friday all billings are final after order deadline. In case of reimbursement solicitation you would need to directly contact customer support and inquire with an agent.

Meal Prep Products

My Vision Nutrition meals are all standardized to a 40% Protein 40% Carbohydrate and 20% Fat content, they vary depending on protein source and carbohydrate source per meal but generally each meal contains 400-500 calories.

My Vision Nutrition offers one alternating plant based option on each weekly menu, our team is working diligently on expanding our plant based options for all of our vegan & vegetarian customers

Our meal prep product has a guaranteed shelf life of 5 days when properly refrigerated, shelf life may be extended one or two days after labeled expiration but we recommend consuming each meal within the recommended shelf life

Im Hungry Now

My Vision Nutrition has retail meals available for pick up at anytime doing business hours. All the selections are based on our weekly menu, this is first come first serve so make sure you get here in a hurry! Fresh inventory on Sunday & Wednesdays.

Our retail locations serve a breakfast, lunch, and smoothie bar in house menu at anytime doing business hours. It's not just about meal prep it's about fueling your success!

Our in House menu is directly on our website under the "Take Out Menu" tab you may call in your order to any of our retail locations for dine in or pick up.

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